Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why Not Contribute Towards Linsanity

Just came across some interesting numbers regarding the Linsanity phenomenon.  Amazing what can happen in a couple of weeks.  Even more unreal when one takes into account that next week will be the 50th Anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain's 100 point game.  Compare coverage and word of Wilt's accomplishment against Linsanity as further evidence of how much the exchange of information has changed over the past 50 years and the power of people, not so much the media, to serve as a driving force behind a developing story.

While we all know he was sleeping on his brother's couch a month ago, what about his numbers? My son was following Jeremy a year ago when he had a few thousand followers. Now, he has over 400,000. With 650,000 "likes" on Facebook and a Klout score of 82, you've got a viral phenomenon case study blossoming before your eyes.

Jeremy has been mentioned on Twitter almost 200,000 times in a fast-moving flash! If you combine "Lin," "Linsanity,""Lin for the Win," "Linferno," "Linsane," "ThrillLin" and "Linderella," you have numbers that would make a New York Times bestseller overnight!- Eric Yaverbaum

The Jeremy Lin Bounce Effect:

In one one 12 hour period, Lin’s on court heroics spawned more than 3,000 tweets, according to social media analytics tool Topsy.  However, not every tweet was centered around his basketball prowess. Naturally, considering the Twitter community’s varied interests, the topics veered away from the Knicks toward Ivy League basketball, Harvard, the stereotypes of Asian males in American society, and even Tawianese nationalism. In other words: the subject bounced around to almost every and any topic Jeremy Lin can be identified with.- Tim Gray