Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Expectations

I was struck by the following statement:

We believe that unfortunately, many of us have become intoxicated with compliancy and so are no longer able to self-direct our own learning. While intoxication does have a bad connotation, the compliancy hasn't been all bad. It's gained many people/organizations efficiency. And it didn't come out of ill-intent. We believe people generally and genuinely seek to do good.- The Innovation Lab

Are we assessing students for being compliant or are we challenging students to be innovative and imaginative and assume ownership over their learning?

Check out the student testimonials on The Innovation Lab blog space and consider how genuine students are in sharing their experiences and the powerful connections these learners have made as a result of being able to notice, dream, connect and do. 

Shouldn't these "detox" sessions be the norm?