Monday, February 13, 2012

Key Cognitive Strategies

Next installment of my not so weekly podcast series.  Thoughts on key cognitive strategies and how the K-12 system can help prepare students for college and careers.  The following excerpt from An Examination of the Four Dimensions of College and Career Readiness offers judgment on the K-12 system.

Wondering what your thoughts are?

The success of a well-prepared college student is built on a foundation of key cognitive strategies that enable students to learn, understand, retain, use and apply content from a range of disciplines.  Unfortunately, the development of key cognitive strategies in high school is often overshadowed by an instructional focus on decontextualized content and facts necessary to pass exit examinations or simply to keep students busy and classrooms quiet.

It was further noted that studies of college faculty members nationwide found a near universal agreement that most students arrive unprepared  for the intellectual demands placed upon them and require further development in critical thinking and problem solving.


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