Sunday, January 6, 2013

Worth Reading...

Sharing some articles and videos from the past few weeks.

 1. 3 Principles for the Future of Gaming, From A Google Game Designer (Fast Company)- ideas about the future of gaming from John Hanke, the man at the helm of Google’s experimental game, Ingress.

Video games have long been the province of the sedentary. But Hanke sees that more as a consequence of the limitations of technology than something inherent in the medium. "The game console had to be hooked up to your television and a power outlet," he says. "After that you had to have your connection to the Internet." But now, with devices that keep us connected no matter where we are, Hanke believes that gaming and the real world are ready to mingle. If Wii and Kinect were designed to get us up off the couch, Ingress aims to get us out the door entirely.

2.  School Design, Classroom Layout Can Heavily Affect Student Grades, Learning: Study (Huffington Post)- demonstrates the impact space has on learning.  Samples included of innovative school designs.

It has long been known that various aspects of the built environment impact on people in buildings, but this is the first time a holistic assessment has been made that successfully links the overall impact directly to learning rates in schools," Peter Barrett, a professor at the University of Salford, said in a statement. "The impact identified is in fact greater than we imagined and the Salford team is looking forward to building on these clear results.

 3. Philosophical Teaching Will Get Students Thinking for Themselves Again (Taylor)- guard against teaching to a test, and continue to push students to be reflective critical thinkers

As an antidote to teaching to the test, I recommend a philosophical approach. This means teaching students to be critical, reflective enquirers. It is all about putting in their hands the tools they need to find answers for themselves, and stimulating them to begin thinking more deeply and critically about ideas and arguments.

4. Our New Value: Making Stuff With Kids (Richardson)- discusses problem-solving initiatives with 6th graders at the Marymount School in NYC.  

We have to become the places where we help kids make interesting, meaningful, useful, beautiful artifacts of their learning that they can share with the real world. That’s our value moving forward. That stuff that can’t be “Khanified.”

5. Got A Problem?  Students Can Find The Solution (MindShift)- examples of how schools can be breeding ground for fostering students’ questions, a place to spark students’ interests and ideas for designing innovative solutions to real problems.

Issues like these arise every day in schools. For educators, the key is to listen to students, enlist them in looking for and building solutions, and empower students to become change makers and innovators. It all comes down to listening to the questions.

6. 1 90 Metacognition Dylan Wiliam Learning and teaching 

7. Meet the YouTube Next EDU Gurus