Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What Do I Want For The Holidays

I tweeted this picture out earlier today under the title of "In The Digital Age a daughters directions for a holiday gift". My wife also posted the image on Facebook.  Those who know our family shared some kind remarks about the request.

For those who do not know me or my family let me provide some context.  I have three daughters ages 5 and 9. The oldest are twins.  One of the twins is what you might call a budding Fashionista.  At times her fashion ideas do not match her age.  However, one cannot fault her enthusiasm.

So with this in mind, she took it upon herself to create a personal holiday gift guide.  She took the initiative to grab an iPad and conduct a search, via Google, for shoes.  Not sure when she landed on the desired site, but eventually found a pair of shoes worthy of her eye and fashion sense.  Next, she took the time to write down the directions and share it with her Mema (the request was initially shared with her grandmother and not her parents). 

I have not seen the retail price for the requested item and I'm not sure if this will warrant a separate conversation.  Still, I was impressed with her approach.  She leveraged tools at her disposal which was an iPad and the Internet.  She conducted a search and found a suitable response.  After that, I assume she was being kind to us digital immigrants and wrote out step-by-step directions.

Again, not sure about the request, but I admire her approach, initiative and insight to leverage the powers of the internet to find what she was looking for.