Thursday, May 30, 2013

Connected Learning

Mimi Ito response to what's emerged from her work:

What I think is interesting is that my passion point has ended up having a broader relevancy as digital culture and the Internet have become more central to people’s lives. I’d say my work is about understanding how young people are really innovating and using new technologies to further their interests. There have always been people who are really passionate about their learning and interest-driven, but with the advent of new technology, this kind of learning becomes something that is not only more accessible but also, really, required. In earlier generations, if kids were into something, they could go to the library; they could find peers and mentors who shared their interest—there have been geeks in every generation. But what has made this form of learning much more important is the fact that digital networks are becoming ubiquitous and information and social connection are much more abundant.