Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Design School Presentation

Presented the other day about the potential of a Design School.  The presentation was anchored by a belief in the design process and structuring learning engagements around things that matter.  Also, the presentation was framed through the lens of a slide ripped from a presentation given by Chris Anderson.  In speaking about the New Industrial Revolution, Chris Anderson offered the following:

The History of 20 Years In 2 Sentences

The past decade was about finding new social and innovation models on the web

The next decade will be about applying them to the real world
A driving force behind the Design School is a focus on what students do and why they are doing it.  In structuring learning around real-problems or human-centered design challenges, students are pushed to think critically, conduct extensive research inquiries, embrace the concept of prototyping and even understand the importance of failure, work collaboratively, build meaningful social networks and realize unique talents and potential.  In a process of creative innovative problem-solving students are engaged in the New Industrial Revolution / Maker Movement and not bystanders waiting they get older to begin building, creating and making a difference.