Sunday, March 3, 2013

Different Take?

Potential structure for our design school.  This is just a rough rough skeleton.  We do like the idea of changing the way we view/call students.  Again, just a rough sketch of what we are thinking.

Year I Students- Apprentices
Year I would be anchored by metacognitive studies, idea of detox and design theory.  Apprentices would engage in developmental design challenges such as the Sol LeWitt and Wikiseat Project.  Additionally, Apprentices would assist upperclassmen on their capstone endeavors.

Year II Students- Journeyman
Journeyman would begin to design their own projects and still assist on other projects.

Year III Students-Forman
Students would design and serve as a project leader on a community inspired design challenge.  Endeavors would be complex and take on an integrated approach. 

Year IV Students- Designer 
Designers would work on developing and following through on a capstone project.  The capstone project could build off previous challenges and each Designer could be required to build a team.  

Personally, I like the idea of using the following as a source of inspiration for our Designers:

“One of the most important things we can do is help young people find their way to be in service to something larger than themselves. Normally the only reason kids go to college or graduate school—and, in Wes Jackson’s words, the only real major offered—is upward mobility. But we fail to teach our children that service to something greater than themselves is far more likely to lead to a joyful and satisfying life, and one that is environmentally rich....  It all starts with the question: What’s the biggest and most important problem I can solve with my gifts and skills? Jensen, Derrick (2011-08-23). Walking On Water: Reading, Writing And Revolution (p. 45). Chelsea Green Publishing. Kindle Edition.