Thursday, February 28, 2013

Design School Manifesto

Further refinements to our design school manifesto.  Feedback is welcomed....

Design School Manifesto

Process Over Product
Even though the finished product is important, it is crucial that builders/designers/innovators reflect on the creative process and self-assess their growth.

Learning is Natural
We should give ourselves and each other permissions to; pay attention, listen deeply, listen differently and notice the unlikely.

Experimentation and Failure
Do not be afraid to fail.  Embrace experimentations and the concept of prototyping.  Failure is not punitive but instead an opportunity to learn, make adjustments and grow.

Consciousness Over Conditioning
Begin anywhere- John Cage tells us that not knowing where to begin is a common form of paralysis. His advice: begin anywhere.

No End In Terms Of Growth

Love Your Experiments
Joy is the engine of growth. Exploit the liberty in casting your work as beautiful experiments, iterations, attempts, trials, and errors. Take the long view and allow yourself the fun of failure every day.

Research Out Of Necessity
Research should be self-initiated

Everyone Is A Leader
Growth happens. Whenever it does, allow it to emerge. Learn to follow when it makes sense. Let anyone lead.

The space between people working together is filled with conflict, friction, strife, exhilaration, delight, and vast creative potential.  Embrace conflict, paradox and ambiguity.

Synthesis From Within

Learning Occurs Everywhere
Live the wide-awake life.  Be mindful of your surroundings.  Take time to stop, reflect, think, observe and analyze.  

Nothing Is Ever Finished Or Permanent
Every movement leads to more questions.  Always seek competing perspectives or view through a different lens.  There are always questions to ask, improvements, places to go...

Go Deep
The deeper you go the more likely you will discover something of value.

Work The Metaphor
Every object has the capacity to stand for something other than what is apparent. Work on what it stands for.

Work Is A Naturally Extension Of Your Life
Pursue happiness both in and outside of school.  Work to blur the boundary between school and not school

Collective Will
Embrace the responsibility for helping one another to grow.