Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Classics Academy Strategic Plan

I am sharing a link to what is now a draft of a strategic plan.  Several educators, including myself, were assigned the task of expanding the Classics Academy.  The Classics Academy is a cross-curricular experience integrating English, History, Mathematics and Science.  Through the Classics Academy students explore the Greek and Roman civilizations through three core course and a series of suggested offerings.  The Academy experience affords students the opportunity to study classical literature, history, mathematics, art, religion and philosophy. Students participating in the Academy learn to produce and consume new knowledge while synthesizing complex understandings of the human experience.  All Academy students conclude this year-long experience by composing a final exhibition related to their studies.

Currently the course if offered to seniors.  For a variety of reasons it has been a struggle to grow the program.  Through the plan we are making an effort to create a more inclusive program that extends beyond senior year.  Many of us believe in the Academy and the promise of a new paradigm it represents

Feel free to open the draft.  Those of us responsible for the draft have limited experience crafting a strategic plan.  Everyone is welcomed to comment and contribute to the plan.