Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Classics Academy City Modern Field Trip

I first want to share the itinerary from yesterday's Classics Academy field trip to New York City.  Myself along with Mr. Gutkowski (@mylatinteacher) and 6 students participated in the week-long City Modern design showcase taking place across Manhattan and the outer boroughs.

  • 10:00-10:30-  Sol Moscot Opticians (6th and 14th Street)
      • walked through the store and talked to manager about the company and  their visual advertising campaign
  •  11:30-12:30-  Architects & Designers Building ( 58th and 3rd)
  • 12:30-1:00-  Lunch
 It was an ambitious schedule, but thanks to a willing bus driver (thanks Rich) and eager students, a full-day immersed in design was accomplished.  Despite the rain and painful attempt to exit via the Holland Tunnel (two hours to move from Broome and Mercer to Jersey City) we were all moved by spending time with talented and passionate creators.  One student shared how she was blown away by the trip to NYC and that her head was "spinning" from trying to observe and process everything she was exposed to.

I have been a strong proponent of field trips.  I think we need to get kids out of the building and authentically experience the curriculum.  Working in the tri-state area, I think it would be naive for us to close off students and teachers to our surrounding riches.  With the help and assistance of other teachers and administrators, we have grown the number of approved field trips.  In particular, we have increased the amount of  excursions into New York City.  Classes visit museums, take walking tours of distinct neighborhoods (Harlem, Lower East Side, West Village, Battery City), participate in actually Literature Trip (Catcher In The Rye Walking Tour) and participate in special offerings such as City Modern.

Having participated in several trips and in speaking to other teachers it has become clear that field trips serve as inspirational resources.  Yesterday's trip is a prime example of this development.   Students spent an entire day observing products and interacting with artists.  They were able to speak with David Moser, Alex Mustonen and Francois Chambard and spend time walking through their studios.  In a real and tangible way, students were able to reflect, comment on and generate a discussion about the design process.  From what I saw yesterday served as a source of inspiration.  It further emboldened these students to pursue what they are passionate about and gave them confidence to succeed through obstacles inherent in any creative process.