Friday, June 8, 2012

Worth Reading

Wanted to share some interesting articles, posts and videos I came across.  All are welcomed to comment.

1. Teacher As Travel Agent (21st Century Collaborative)

Learning is personal knowledge construction fueled socially where we schematically connect ideas and concepts as we do things and discuss them with others. Just like we shouldn’t eat until we are hungry, I believe learning should be natural and likewise fueled. Give children a rich, interesting environment or scenario filled with beautiful literature, authentic problems to solve, and places to explore or create a journey and you will have kids who are motivated to learn and engaged. A steady diet of force fed content with no authentic application goes against the natural way were designed to learn. The way we learned in Kindergarten.

2. The Six Myths of Creativity (Fast Company)- A new study (2004) will change how you generate ideas and decide who's really creative in your company. 

The fact is, almost all of the research in this field shows that anyone with normal intelligence is capable of doing some degree of creative work. Creativity depends on a number of things: experience, including knowledge and technical skills; talent; an ability to think in new ways; and the capacity to push through uncreative dry spells. Intrinsic motivation -- people who are turned on by their work often work creatively -- is especially critical.

3.  Young at Heart: How to be an innovator for life (Stanford d. School)- Tom Kelley, general manager at the world-renowned design firm, IDEO, presents five core practices that enhance creativity.

4. Olin College SCOPE Program (Olin College)-

SCOPE is the culmination of Olin’s project-based curriculum.  Seniors work in multidisciplinary teams of 5-7 students on challenging, full-year engineering projects for partnering corporate sponsors.  Olin works closely with companies and technology clients to develop SCOPE projects that provide exceptional value to the sponsors while providing an important educational experience for our students.

5. JR: One year of turning the world inside out (Ted Talk)- Street artist JR made a wish in 2011: Join me in a worldwide photo project to show the world its true face. Now, a year after his TED Prize wish, he shows how giant posters of human faces, pasted in public, are connecting communities, making change, and turning the world inside out.

6. Make It Count- two guys, one camera and a bunch of airline food