Thursday, April 26, 2012

What It Means To Be A Global Icon

I was reading an article about LeBron James and came across an interesting take on the realities of being a global icon in the digital age.  Shane Battier, a forward on the Miami Heat, had the following to say about his teammate:

He is a global icon, a basketball monolith, the most prevalent and recognizable  athlete of our generation.  And he's one of a kind, because he's the first to rise to prominence in the Information Age, which is why he's such a fascinating sociological observation.  He's accountable every single day for every single thing, from how he plays to what he tweets to what he says in the pre- and the post-game interviews.  He has a camera and a microphone on him wherever he goes, and then when he goes out to dinner, there's a camera phone on him.  There is a price to pay.  He understands that.  But I don't think a lot of guys could handle it.