Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fostering Leadership In Our Schools

Next installment of my not so weekly podcast series.  The podcast, Leadership In Our Schools is a reaction to a chapter in Seth Godin's manifesto Stop Stealing Dreams.  I shared an excerpt from the chapter below.  As always your thoughts are welcomed.

This faux leadership is what we see again and again in traditional schools. Instead of exposing students to the pain and learning that come from actually leading a few people (and living with the consequences), we create content-free simulations of leadership, ultimately reminding kids that their role should be to follow along, while merely pretending to lead.
Leadership isn’t something that people hand to you. You don’t do followership for years and then someone anoints you and says, “here.” In fact, it’s a gradual process, one where you take responsibility years before you are given authority.
And that’s something we can teach.



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