Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Impact of Technolgy on Education

Came across this infographic on Twitter. Thought it was interesting for multiple reasons. However, the visuals bring up an issue we have to address. eLearning platforms are becoming a significant part of the educational experience. This is the case K-12 and for post-secondary education.

We are trying at the high school where I serve as a supervisor of instruction to foster "blended learning environments." There needs to be a thriving virtual community where classroom stakeholders can continue and further the exchange of ideas and resources. Folded into a blended learning environment is the notion of supporting global classrooms. Each course offering has to establish a social network that extends beyond the classroom to deepen the experience through connecting with experts and professionals. A blended environment that is organic and connected is valued and should be a consistent force in schools.

However, before embracing the eLearning world, we have to examine the quality of these services. A student's experience should only be of the highest quality and integrity. As opposed to outsourcing the eLearning experience I wonder how this can be developed in-house. An opportunity exists for schools to join forces to crowdsource resources and produce an abundance of rich and relevant open source materials. What interests are for-profit enterprises serving?

What are your thoughts about the infographic and what questions does it force us to ask?

How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education
Via: OnlineEducation.net