Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thoughts From The Classics Academy

Wanted to share a thread a tweets from today's discussion about redesigning the high school experience. The ideas captured in the Tweets posted below are from students ( a few comments are from educators that attended the class). The class was assigned to examine the current high school experience and to rethink what could be changed. These ideas were presented over the course of several class periods.

Students were pushed to be creative and take a progressive approach to the design and structure governing schools. During the process, students questioned traditional paradigms and instructional practices.

The students did a great job. Hope you enjoy

@shklepesch emphasizes that the kids have been talking about a revolution that needs to transpire in the ed system #edchat, #mhsclassics

Superintendent states he finds the discussion refreshing b/c the kids have no agenda, just education. #mhsclassics, #edchat

@gottsled invites students to come and try out using #Xerox 's #trailmeme #edchat #mhsclassics

@gottsled says 'Embedded Librarians' in class can broaden discussion for academies #mhsclassics, #edchat

Students voice that excessive number of requirements restricts their personal development. #edchat, #mhsclassics

Students voice importance to experimentation and options for them in their personal development. #mhsclassics, #edchat

Approaching Calculus through the lenses of how an engineer might view it. #edchat, #mhsclassics

"learning through the lens of something you are passionate about",

Gloria- high school is not college preparation, its about passion and interest and wanting to learn , #mhsclassics

Courses starting in Sept. & ending in June is a narrow and restrictive time frame 4 students in a course. Build flex. #edchat, #mhsclassics

@mylatinteacher, thinking to narrowly about class time, need to create a fluid system of starting and end points, #mhsclassics, #edchat

Students confirm that they learn best when they are tutoring others. #edchat, #mhsclassics

Best players in lacrosse help the struggling players in practices. All have to evaluate their playing. Tie to Ed. #mhsclassics, #edchat

students questioning the mental aspect of being labeled by a certain track, #mhsclassics, #edchat

Students voice tracking at a young age is detrimental to their development. #mhsclassics, #edchat

Grouping kids by interest. Gloria just used the phrase 'teaching math through the lenses of their interest." #edchat #mhsclassics

students say there is a bias having grown up in a tracing system, but recognize research that suggests tracking is detrimental #mhsclassics

Students reflecting on limits of devise a new system of education, but having 'grown up' under an industrial model. #edchat, #mhsclassics

Students have proposed extended school days to help them create more space and time for their work. #edchat, #mhsclassics

question raised to students about leveling and tracking, what do your students think about tracking #mhsclassics

discussing how school can better serve students with a bunch of seniors ar MHS, #mhsclassics,

need to listen to students when making change, they live with the consequences of our decisions about education, #mhsclassics