Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An Enduring Learning Experience

If you have not already, take 20 minutes to watch Brian Crosby's talk form TedxDenver. An engaging and reflective video about an educator working to create meaningful experiences for his students.

The engagement shared in the talk is rich, cross-disciplinary, rigorous, creative, student-centered and authentic. Also, it honored the perspective of students through posting commentary on blogs and wikis. Student work in Mr. Crosby's class can serve as a resources for students in classrooms across the world.

Another point to consider is the need for consistency across a school district. What students are experiencing in Mr. Crosby's 4th grade class has to be continued until they graduate from high school. As we think about instruction, the conversation should be K-12 and not building centric. While content or intensity of content knowledge may vary, strategies, vehicles and expectations should remain consistent. What is happening in Mr. Crosby's class one would expect to see across a school district.